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Ognjen Coric

"I have been dancing folklore for nearly 20 years now and joined Kolo almost a decade ago. The trips and performances I have been a part of are memories that will last a lifetime. What makes dancing and being a member of this group special is the camaraderie and the opportunity to represent the community that supports us. I have been fortunate enough to meet so many wonderful people both locally and internationally and I am incredibly proud to call many of them my lifelong friends. "


Dunja Elez

"I have been dancing for 8 years and I can truly say it is a major part of my life, not just a favourite pastime. I love folklore because I get to stay in touch with my culture which I am very proud of. It creates relationships and bonds across the nation and is the best exercise anyone could get! I couldn’t be more proud to be part of such a great community!"

Vice President

Petar Filipovic

"I have been dancing folklore for over 15 years and I joined Kolo about 10 years ago. My years dancing here have been the best! I travel with my friends and I've met amazing new ones. I also give back to my community by representing them in many places and at huge events such as the Toronto Raptors halftime show!"


Rade Kovacevic

"I have been dancing folklore for 15 years and have been a part of Kolo for the last 8 years, I enjoy dancing with Kolo because I get to spend time with my lifelong friends. We work hard but we always have fun!" 

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